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Litigation Support and Forensic Accountingby Los Angeles CPA

Michael J. Borenstein, CPA’s litigation support and forensic accounting services can be employed in a wide range of situations—including commercial litigation, financial investigations, business valuations, business and marital dissolutions, and bankruptcies. I can help you quantify economic loss or damages, analyze financial records, and investigate fraud or theft.

Financial and personal records are often vast and confusing to sort through. My professional training can help you make sense of these records and transactions, and get to your bottom line.

Expert Forensic CPAfor Divorce, Bankruptcy, Disputes, and More

As a forensic CPA, I analyze every detail pertaining to your case. If there is a business dispute, I perform a detailed analysis to determine what is factually accurate and what may be considered a liability. My forensic accounting focuses on telling a retrospective narrative. I’ll look as far back as possible to determine the path that led you to your current situation. Forensic accounting is critical in the event of bankruptcy, business disputes, contractual payment obligation disputes, and even divorce.

At Michael J. Borenstein, I make it my personal mission to resolve the matter at hand efficiently. I will even act as an expert witness if you need a credible source to testify on the methodology and document preparation. Don’t wait until matters get out of hand. Contact the office of Michael J. Borenstein, CPA today.

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