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Payroll San Fernando Valley

Payroll San Fernando Valley

A company that handles payroll in the San Fernando Valley saves you money without having to hire your own human resources employee. Outsource with Michael J Borenstein to receive the benefits of low-cost human resources.

Why should I outsource my payroll handling?

Unless you are a human resources company, payroll is not a core feature for your business. Outsourcing:

  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Can be flexible
  • Avoid IRS penalties

Offloading functions lets you put your time, effort, and money in the parts of your company that matter most. A globalized world is about figuring out how to save money through a pipeline of adequate processes.

Can I save money with payroll outsourcing?

The average company already spend up to 60 percent more than necessary on non-core functions. A large portion of this is on human resources.

Hiring human resources specialists costs $50000 or more each year. A large firm can expect to spend on specialized software as well. Outsourcing saves you time and can cost as little as $100 per month.

Can I handle unique factors with payroll outsourcing?

Your outsourcing company does not need to provide a vanilla service. A San Fernando Valley payroll services company helps businesses in the area in an intimate way.

If your employees deserve a bonus or higher pay, we can accommodate this within the boundaries of the law. If you require special documentation or paperwork or notices, we can help as well. Even if you are across the country, our human-centered business goes beyond the power of software without the cost of a human services employee.

Save time with outsourcing

The cost of performing non-core functions in house goes well beyond the money. There are time considerations as well.

Businesses waste up to three hours of time every day dealing with functions not related to revenue. We not only help you spend where it matters but also reduce the time required to fill out forms with targeted paperwork and platforms that are easy to access and complete.

Knowledgeable payroll help

For many small businesses, hiring people to complete human resources tasks is not possible. A CPA in SFV  gives you the power of an employee without the cost.

Handling payroll on your own can lead to lawsuits and IRS investigations. Our non-biased third-party service is dedicated to your success, combining years of experience with the capability to keep your employees happy and your business away from the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Get help with payroll

Small, medium, large, and global scale businesses spend extraordinary amounts of time on non-core functions. Outsourcing can save you as much as 60 percent over in-house services. Letting Michael J Borenstein handle payroll in the San Fernando Valley keeps you focused on what matters.

Get help with payroll without the cost of a human resources employee and software. We can help you no matter how special your need if it is within the confines of the law. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation at 818-986-9143.

Payroll San Fernando Valley
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